Engage in Immersive Audio Experiences

Discover the enjoyment of interactive immersive sound with Retroscape Audio.

Who We Are

  • Bespoke Immersive Audio Experiences
  • Audience-Centred Design Approach
  • Specialists in 3D Audio Design
  • Founded by Anna Celeste Edmonds, PhD Candidate
Retroscape Audio

Enaging Audio Content

With over 13 years of experience in field recording, sound design and music composition, founder Anna Edmonds is a specialist in creating engaging immersive audio content for a variety of audiences, sites and environments. Retroscape Audio addresses both content creation and implementation; transforming bespoke music, dialogue and sound effects into a memorable listening experience.

retroscape audio

Enhancing Listener Experience

Restroscape Audio works with ambisonic sound and head-tracking to create 360 degree listening in both outdoor and indoor environments. We use a combination of artistic and state-of-the-art recording techniques to capture unique content. Our studio brings accessibility and affordability to the forefront of development and public presentation; providing experiences fitting for each client, that a broad range of audiences can enjoy.

retroscape audio

Bringing Heritage Sites to Life

During her PhD research, Anna Edmonds has been developing and refining a framework for building valuable heritage-specific locative audio experiences that place audiences and their engagement at the centre of the design approach. This framework is applied in Retroscape Audio during all experience development; whether for heritage institutions, or other locations and businesses wanting to bring audience engagement to the forefront.

What We Provide

Affordable and accessible audio experience design for a variety of sites, environments, and audiences.

Bespoke Audio Design

We will design and build an immersive audio experience to enhance your site or business with our audio design expertise.

Tailored to Your site or business

We work closely with you to understand the intention behind the experience you want to build and develop these ideas further.

Expert Audio Composition

Using state-of-the-art technology and techniques, we craft dynamic and engaging audio compositions.

Audience-Centred Approach

We prioritise audience engagement and value, creating experiences that captivate and engage listeners.

Discover the enjoyment of interactive immersive sound with Retroscape Audio.